Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magic Jack Internet Phone Tips

Magic Jack is a small VoIP device that is the size of an old Zippo cigarette lighter that plugs into your computer through an open USB port. VoIP is a fairly recent telephony technology that is growing at a steady pace. VoIP services such as Phone Power, Lingo and the industry pioneer and current leader, Vonage all like Magic Jack use the broad band internet to connect calls.

Most people who have bought MagicJack have very few problems (I am one of them) but still a few have experienced various problems in getting it to work properly. I will list some simple solutions to a few minor problems that have been recorded

I know this is obvious to most of us but there have been people who have ordered the MagicJack without knowing the System or internet connections requirements, so I will list them here.

1. Supported operating systems:

• MS Windows XP
• MS Windows Vista
• MS Windows 7
• Intel-Based Apple Mac

2. An Open USB port :

Preferably USB 2.0, some of the older machines have the old 1.0 USB ports, I tried my Magic Jack on it and it didn’t work. I went out and bought a 2.0 card and installed it on my computer and also plugged a USB 2.0 powered hub into that and it worked perfectly. Using a USB powered hub can help keep enough power to ring mutable phones throughout the house.

3. Your internet connection should be one of these: (Dialup will not work)

• High-Speed Internet
• Broadband Internet
• Cable Internet
• WiFi
• Wireless
• WiMax

4. Phones you can use:

• Regular corded telephones
• Cordless telephone system
• Headset or a microphone and your computers speakers

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